Chad Sowersby


  • CrossFit Level I Trainer

  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certified

It all started when…

I began CrossFit in 2012 and instantly I was drawn to the training program. I sensed it was something special, but I did not realize that it would have such a positive impact on my life.

I spent many years strength & conditioning training as part of my routine for athletics during my high school and college years. I was looking for a new training routine in 2012 and that is when I decided to try this CrossFit thing that I had heard about. The philosophy behind the intense training program had me hooked immediately. It wasn’t long before I started believing that coaching was my calling.

Next on the timeline, I met Ian Lawson (through CrossFit of course). After getting to know each other, we found that we shared a similar passion for helping others live a healthy lifestyle. We discussed opening our own CrossFit and in 2015 Salt Shack CrossFit was born. Our place was going to be a very special facility, helping others become the best versions of themselves. One where lifelong training partners and friends would be created.

From day 1 we vowed to provide our clients with a clean facility, quality equipment, and top notch coaching for all fitness levels. Everyone who comes through our doors is treated as an equal. Our continued pursuit of greatness will never end.

My professional background from 1997 to 2015 was working for J.F. White Contracting Company as a Project Engineer. I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering from WPI (1993-1997).

I am happily married with 2 daughters, Olivia (12) and Peyton (9). You’ll see all of my family at The Shack training!

Ian profile.jpg

Ian Lawson


  • USA Olympic Weightlifting Level 2 Certified

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • Athletic Trainer and Fitness Consultant, Fitness Forum London Ontario,Canada

  • Fitness Trainer, Nautilus Fitness, London Ontario, Canada

  • Volunteer Strength and Conditioning Coach St Thomas Aquinas Football, London Canada

  • Volunteer Olympic Weightlifting Coach, multiple athletes across diverse athletic disciplines

  • Olympic Weightlifting Competitor 1980-1987

  • 1987 silver medalist Ontario Provincial Championships

  • 1986 gold medalist Woodstock Open

  • 1985 silver medalist Sarnia Bluewater Weightlifting Championship

  • 1986 gold medalist St Catherine’s Classic

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education, University of Western Ontario, London Canada.  I have over 30 years of diverse experience in the health care industry. I was World Wide President Johnson & Johnson Surgical Sports Medicine Business.  There I developed innovative technologies for the repair of athletic injuries including,  ACL, meniscus, focal cartilage, shoulder instability, rotator cuff and many more sports related soft tissue pathologies.


Rich Upson


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    • Salt Shack 2018 - Present

    • Bear Republic CrossFit San Diego, CA

  • CrossFitter since May 2014

  • Olympic Weightlifting since 2017

Crossfit has helped me gain a greater appreciation for overall health and fitness. Equally as special to me is the camaraderie and friendships that I’ve built with people over the years. I started coaching so I could to take the knowledge that I obtained over the years and share it with others that are beginning their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Providing people with the tools that lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle motivates me as a coach. Taking new athletes and developing their mental capacity to maximize their physical abilities and make improvements to their level of health and fitness is rewarding.

The community at Salt Shack is really special because of how welcoming it is. No matter how busy people at Salt Shack are, they always make time for a new person. This attitude extends beyond the walls of our gym and that truly makes this an amazing place to train and coach at.

Heather profile.jpg

Heather Riley


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 

  • CrossFitter since 2012

  • Weightlifting since 2017

  • SaltShack Coach since April 2019

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy and a Masters Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. I enjoy all things related to health, fitness, sports, and nutrition. I played various sports growing up and competed in competitive cheerleading throughout my college career. However, it wasn’t until I stepped through the doors of my first CrossFit gym that I saw my fitness truly excel.  

Coaching allows me to share my academic knowledge to provide people with the tools that lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s someone new to fitness or an experienced athlete; I enjoy helping someone improve their physical abilities. I want members of the gym to be able to recognize the potential in themselves that I see. Seeing people reach their goals inside and outside the gym is my favorite part of coaching Crossfit. 

The community at Salt Shack is special to me because it became a home away from home after recently moving from the west coast. From day one people welcomed me not only to the gym but to their homes and lives outside the gym. The people you meet within these walls genuinely care about your success and well being inside and outside of the gym. 

Kim Profile1.jpg

Kim Emerling


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    • Salt Shack August 2016 - Present

  • CrossFitting since 2014

Increasing my knowledge about CrossFit and learning how to share that with my fellow athletes was a natural progression on my fitness journey.  I became a coach in order to help others get better.

Witnessing our athletes put in the hard work and realize that it pays off is the thing I enjoy most about coaching. When I'm on the floor, my job is to help them become the best they can be.  Whether it's drills, modifications, cues, or encouragement, my goal is to help them be better than when they walked through the door on any given day.  Sometimes that is guiding them through tough mobility, gritty workouts, and other physical challenges, and other times it's working through mental barriers.  I strive to get to know each athlete so I can help them turn their weaknesses into strengths. It's all about being better, stronger, and more capable, both physically and mentally.  One thing is for sure: if I know you can do it, I'm going to guide you on how to get there, even if at first you don't think can. 

Being part of the Shack community is best described by experiencing it - it's a very special place.  Our members come from all different walks of life and assimilate seamlessly into our unique community.  Our coaches are dedicated, knowledgeable, and committed athletes themselves.  The common drive to work hard and be the best version of ourselves is what brings us together, and our positive attitudes and ability to laugh is what keeps us together.

Outside of the Shack, I work as a corporate attorney in Boston. I’m also the proud mom of two young, active, sports-loving boys, Charlie and George.

Ashley profile.jpg

Ashley Pierce


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    • Salt Shack 2017- Present

    • Kids classes at CrossFit Revere 2014-2016

  • CrossFit Gymnastics Specialty Certification

  • Reebok BOKS (Build Our Kids’ Success) Trainer Certification

  • CrossFitting since July 2014

I decided to become a coach because I knew my training as a teacher could translate over to helping people learn about fitness. When I started CrossFit, I connected better with the coaches who made an effort to coach me in a way that made sense for me. I knew I would be able to make a difference for people like me; people that needed in the moment adaptation for their learning style and skill set. I also knew how much I hated working out before CrossFit. I struggled with how much time and effort was needed to get to the gym and be productive. I wanted to help others see how fun and manageable working out really can be.

I love coaching for so many reasons! I’ve learned so much from the people in my classes. Each one of them has their own story about how they ended up at CrossFit and the Shack. I love hearing about the different paths that brought us all together for one common goal: healthier living. I also love coaching because I want to help others change their lives. Not only am I helping my clients become stronger and more fit, I am impacting their attitudes about why fitness matters, how they can do it, and what they are truly capable of. I’m not sure if anything is better!

After living out of the area for years, I joined Salt Shack in the summer of 2017 and it’s been an amazing addition to my life. Not only do I love coming here to work out and coach, I have also met some life-long friends. Everyone at the Shack is so supportive and motivates each other everyday. This goes from the brand new member in their first class to someone who has been here since we opened. The bond of the Salt Shack Community brings us together during some our most challenging times in and out of the gym!


Kristen profile.jpg

Kristen Ahlstedt


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 

    • Salt Shack 2017 - Present

  • Currently enrolled in the NASM Nutrition Specialist Certification Course

I began my CrossFit journey at Salt Shack in 2016 and there was nothing quite like that feeling when I started. I was excited to go to the gym everyday and I was eager to learn more about the sport itself. I wanted to be the best version of myself and I wanted to help others be their best as well.

Coaching allows me to transfer my motivation and my energy to our clients. Contributing to someone’s physical, mental and emotional growth leaves me feeling rewarded. I will always work to show people how awesome they truly are! 

The Salt Shack community is like no other; it is family. I have made more friends who are like family to me. The array of personalities we have inside the gym never leaves for a dull moment. We all work so hard for ourselves but work twice as hard for each other. There is not one person who I don't think I could call on if I needed something.

One of my favorite qualities the Salt Shack Community has to offer is the way we welcome new members. If you are a newbie, a visitor to the area or just new to the gym in general, it can be nerve racking walking into a new place. Here at The Shack we aim to make everyone feel right at home. The open door policy is for everyone and we love seeing the community grow!