Here’s what members have to say…..


Ken Williams, 57 years old
Salt Shack since 2017

Ken has been married to the love his life Lisa for almost 29 years.

Ken is a father to his son Tyler, 25, and daughter Jessie, 23. Ken has lived in Hanover for 23 years and and he is a small business owner – Scott-Williams Oil Company, Quincy, MA.

I love CrossFit at the Shack. I like the concentration and intensity of training as well as the great sense of community. Pretty good guys that own the place too. I’m an avid hiker and climbed Kilimanjaro last September. My preparation was mostly via Crossfit and it had me totally ready for a long week (52 miles) of climbing from 12k’ to 19k’. This year I’m hiking in and out of the Grand Canyon and I’m sure the Shack will have me ready. I’m also eternally grateful that I can fit into the same size pants I wore in college!


Josie Guarino, 24 years old
Salt Shack since May 2019

My name is Josie, I’ve been at Salt Shack Crossfit for 4 months. I have been doing CrossFit for a few years, but I am a new member at The Shack. I’m happy to say Salt Shack is 10/10 with everything- coaching, programming, facilities, and community. I’m so happy I joined. Since joining, I’ve learned how to do a kipping pull up, incorporated “odd objects,” like sandbags, into my WODs, and I’ve felt an improvement in my endurance. Thanks, Salt Shack!